Casmara - Sebum Regulating Gel

Casmara - Sebum Regulating Gel

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Casmara - Sebum Regulating Gel 50ml

 For Oily, Combination and Shiny Skin

Gel to regulate and normalize sebaceous secretion with a matte effect.

Formulated with intelligent active ingredients which selectively regulate and balance the oil in the skin providing moisturization and anti-ageing care the skin needs. Detoxified, purified and healthy faces.

An intelligent cosmetic product for oily and/or shiny skins; an innovative combination of active ingredients acting in depth at different levels of the skin by removing and preventing the appearance of the problems associated with these types of skin. 

AZELOGLICINA®: Azelaic acid liposomes with anti-bacterial properties, thanks to its anti-bacterial action. It regulates sebaceous secretion.