Allpresan PRO - CRACKED SKIN Foam

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Allpresan PRO - CRACKED SKIN Foam 125ml

Repairs and regenerates the protective skin barrier and hydrates the skin.
  • Skin equivalent lipids – repair the skin barrie
  • Panthenol & Urea – moisturize
  • Also recommended for diabetes, eczema and psoriasis
  • Excellent for night care

Allpresan, the ORIGINAL Foot Foam Cream provides over two decades of proven results with products for every foot care need. Allpresan operates on patented technologies which offer outstanding and sustainable results. The patented, breathable BarrioExpert® Technology creates a fine, protective mesh on the skin after application, which protects the skin against external factors and strengthens the skin barrier. The balanced hydro lipid system in the Foam Cream provides ideal care for the skin without harming its natural functions.

Fragrance free, no added colors and paraben free. Suitable for use by Diabetics & those with sensitive skin.

Ingredients: Perfectly fitting lipids, urea, panthenol

    DIN & NPN registered ingredients.