What is Finipil?

Antibacterial - Antimicrobial PATENTED finipil is an amazing after hair removal treatment. It protects against ingrown hairs, kills 99.9% of germs, protects the empty hair follicle, shrinks pore size and has been proven to actually slow down hair growth... which means you'll need hair removal treatments less frequently!

  • excellent for treating blemishes accompanying excessive facial hair or past damage by other hair removal products.
  • use on hands for a quick germ killing lotion, with out the dryness of alcohols
  • heals and soothes cuticle damage
  • kills fungus - a great product to use on feet at the health club
  • for use after Nufree® or electric hair removal treatments.

Use PATENTED finipil every day on damp skin for remarkable results.

Airports? Taking off those shoes? Going to the health club, beach, or resort activities? - Finipil is antibacterial and antimicrobial.

Flying? Wearing new boots? Feet swelling? - Finipil reduces swelling and cools instantly.


DIN: 02470853
DIN: 02470837