Silkline - Files

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Silkline - Nail Files

Each or in boxes of 50

Colour of Stripe=Grit:

DP1-Blue=80/80 (Black File)
DP2-Red=100/100 (Black File)
DP3-Green=100/180 (Black File)
DP4-White=180/180 (Black File)
DP5-Lavender=240/240 (Black File)
DP6-White= 240/240(Black Shorty File)
DP7=100/180 (Black Boomerang File)
DP8=180/180 (Zebra Boomerang File)
DP9=180/180 (Zebra File)

DW10=400/400 (Wood Core Black File)
DW11=240/240(Wood Core Garnet File)

DP26-Blue=120/320 (Blue File)

DP28-Lavender=100/100 (White File)
DP29-Blue=100/180 (White File