Dip & Buff System

What is the Entity Dip & Buff System?

The Entity Dip & Buff Acrylic System is an exciting alternative to traditional acrylic overlays. Create a flawless, bubble free, lightweight and long lasting natural enhancement overlays in around 30 - 45 minutes! 

 Offer choice to your clientele and utilize the latest technology with superior quality. 60 colours including shimmers, glitters and the classic french with a dip jar to create the perfect smile line, every time!

  • No UV/LED Lamp or E-File needed
  • No need to worry about bead ratio or placement!
  • Quicker service than traditional full set enhancements
  • No Odour
  • 60 Colours including glitters, shimmers and french
  • Does not contain Acrylates  - found in gel polish, often the cause of allergies!
  • Safe, easy removal process