Camillen 60

Camillen 60 is FOOTCARE!

Today`s very successful product series Camillen 60 - Foot & Body Care was inspired within the daily practice and demands of a professional foot care clinic. 

Camillen 60 uses proven and traditional natural ingredients along with the latest innovations from cosmetic research insuring outstanding product quality and effectiveness. Camillen 60 products are designed and developed in close cooperation with German podiatrists and chiropodists

 Camillen 60 is commitment to quality with a passion to provide the very best in effective and trusted products . Their products are manufactured in the tradition of the renowned seal of quality "Made in Germany" and are subject to rigorous quality controls. All Camillen 60 preparations are produced and bottled in a state-of-the-art facility in Burgwedel near Hannover to rigid international cosmetics standards.

Chamomile extract has effective healing properties and is in all of Camillen 60’s products. Many products have the characteristic bluish tint of this versatile ingredient.

  • Chamomile has huge anti-inflammatory, decongestant and skin regenerating effects.
  • Azulene (obtained from the essential oil of chamomile flowers) is anti-inflammatory and regenerating. Excellent for irritated, reddened and irritated skin.
  • Bisabolol is also obtained from the essential oil of Chamomile and has anti-inflammatory, wound-healing and anti-spasmodic effects as well as anti-bacterial and antifungal (fungicidal) properties.