Aqua Oleum - Julia Lawless

Julia Lawless is highly respected as an authority in the field of aromatic plants and oils. As Managing Director of Aqua Oleum, she is directly responsible for selecting top-quality essential oils and checking the quality of all products. She is also in charge of the formulation of all new products and acts as a general consultant to the industry. 

Julia Lawless is also well known for her many books on herbs and aromatherapy, which include: ‘The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils’; ‘The Complete Illustrated Guide to Aromatherapy’ ; ‘The Fragrant Garden’; ‘Aromatherapy and the Mind’; ‘Aloe Vera’; ‘Tea tree Oil’; ‘Rosemary Oil; ‘Rose Oil; ‘Lavender Oil’; ‘Home Aromatherapy’; ‘The Home Use of Essential Oils’; ‘Illustrated Elements of Essential Oils’ and ‘Heaven Scent’. 

With over 50 years of specialized research, knowledge and experience, Aqua Oleum is a company which you can trust to supply you with high quality
essential oils and aromatherapy products.